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Feb 25 - 27, 2025

PAC International, LLC.

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We developed and manufacture unique designs using noise control and isolation solutions to meet your specific site or project requirements, as well as establish a full line of acoustical noise control products.

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When the contractor went to get the proprietary resilient
channel specified for the project, it was unavailable. The
contractor reached out to the project team for suitable
alternatives and Nick Block (SLR Consulting), the project’s
acoustical consultant recommended using PAC’s RC-1
Boost with the available resilient channel to keep the
project moving while maintaining the project’s acoustical
performance goals.

  • Case Study with Crescent Communites
    Crescent Communities is a nationally recognized, market-leading real estate investor, developer, and operator of mixed-use communities and PAC International resolve availability issues with resilient channel to keep a project on time and on budget!
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