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We manufacture and sell Windows & Doors using UPVC and Aluminum profiles. With more than 29 years of experience, we ensure the quality of our products and services by collaborating only with the most renowned raw material suppliers from Europe and North America, investing in an experienced and supportive team, whilst also tailoring our operations to individual customer needs.

Our 2.500+ B2B partners, spanning 3 different continents, attest to the successfulness of our mission.




This new Aluminum window system presenting hidden hardware and hinges is a versatile solution, offering remarkable thermal and acoustic efficiencies whilst providing a minimalist and seamless look.
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The Cortizo A70 PVC system, with 5 insulating chambers, ensures a high level of thermal and acoustic comfort. The chemical composition of the profiles guarantees superior and long lasting aesthetics.
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CorVision PLUS Sliding Doors

CorVision PLUS is the pinnacle of minimalist sliding doors, providing the maximum amount of light for the largest of spaces. All frames can be completely hidden, achieving openings up to 94% glass.

  • OptiLine PVC

    OptiLine, with its 70 mm profiles, is a competitive and affordable option offering very good thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances. The brand is distinguished by complete and diverse systems adapted to different markets, which offer multiple configuration and design options.

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  • OptiLine ALU

    OptiLine represents the range with the most competitive prices and advantageous delivery times. A key element of the OptiLine range is the minimalist design due to the reduced dimensions of the systems and the wide array of hidden sashes.

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  • OptiFusion PVC

    OptiFusion, with its 76 mm profiles, is the best choice at an affordable price offering thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances comparable to the OptiPro brand. The combination of very good quality materials, contemporary design mimicking aluminum joineries and the thick insulating glass units which are possible, makes OptiFusion a smart and reliable choice.

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  • OptiFusion ALU

    OptiFusion represents a range of products that combines the efficiency of robust profiles with the subtlety of slimmer ones, without compromising on superior thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances. With thick insulating glass units (over 48 mm) which improve thermal efficiency and a variety of configurations and options available, OptiFusion gives customers flexibility in choosing the design they want, making it a versatile and high-quality option.

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  • OptiPro PVC

    OptiPro represents the top of the range in our portfolio, standing out through exceptional thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances. The Class A profiles offer durability, a minimalist design and extensive glazed surfaces. At the same time, by enabling thicker insulating glass units to be installed, an increase in thermal efficiency can be ensured thanks to the exceptional qualities of the glass we use.

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  • OptiPro ALU

    OptiPro represents the most efficient products we can offer with top thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances. Their superior quality is visible in every detail, from design to functionality. The larger possible glass surfaces and thick (over 50 mm) insulating glass units not only increase thermal efficiency, but also offer a significant aesthetic advantage compared to PVC products.

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  • OptiHorizon

    OptiHorizon offers exceptional thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances, combining technique with aesthetics. The minimalist design allows most profiles to be embedded leaving less than 8% of them visible, thus offering generous glass surfaces with the possibility of sashes going up to 4 m x 4 m. Hence, up to 94% of a door's surface can be composed of glass, maximising the amount of natural light inside.

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  • OptiSky

    OptiSky redefines architectural freedom with its curtain wall systems. The excellent thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances are supported by the use of thick glass units which optimize comfort. The unique design of curtain wall facade systems allows for varied configurations and virtually infinite glazed surfaces, proving that, for OptiSky, the sky is the limit.

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  • OptiFold

    OptiFold impresses with the possibility of closing off large areas, by allowing the connection of up to 8 panels/sashes and thus covering areas over 10 m wide. The thermal, acoustic and mechanical performances are very good due to the system's configuration. The modern design is emphasized by generous glazed surfaces which offer an attractive aesthetic appearance and high functionality.

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  • Accessories

    Our accessories are produced in-house and come with very competitive prices. They offer protection against excessive solar radiation whilst at the same time ensuring privacy, quietness and resistance against break-ins. Versatility is reflected in complete solutions, adapted to all markets through the wide range of models, colors and operating systems. They contribute to reducing energy consumption, increasing interior comfort and lowering maintenance costs.

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  • Shutters

    Our shutters, specially created for the Italian market, offer superior protection thanks to their solid profiles and lock options. They significantly reduce the incidence of sunlight in the room, with the adjustable slats allowing fine adjustments to the degree of shading to be made. The varied range includes multiple types of slats, colors and closing systems, ensuring a tailored design for every household. Our in-house production brings with it very advantageous prices, thus combining quality and functionality in an efficient shading accessory.

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