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Feb 25 - 27, 2025

Image for Nova-Pine


Nova-Pine, crafted with Novawood Technology from plentiful pine, offers authentic outdoor solutions cherished by nature lovers for affordability and natural appeal.
Image for Nova-Ayous


Nova-Ayous, a sustainable African hardwood, offers a durable and stable alternative to Western Red Cedar for cladding or batten facades through Novawood Technology, featuring sustainable sourcing.
Image for Nova-Ash


Nova-Ash, a versatile and durable hardwood with an elegant wavy texture and FSC certification, enhances building aesthetics for cladding, decking, and battens.
Image for Nova-Iroko


Nova-Iroko offers an elegant and durable exterior material with a light amber color, ideal for modern aesthetics. With a uniform texture and durability comparable to teak.
Image for Nova-Tulipwood


Nova-Tulipwood, sustainably sourced with a dark caramel hue, offers superior durability for outdoor projects. Its eco-friendly treatment and EPD certification highlight a commitment to sustainability.
Image for Pi-Clips


Pi-clips, made from PA6 material, offer hidden mounting and resistance to outdoor weather, with automatic spacing for easy installation. Their versatility makes Pi-clips an essential, smart solution.
Image for Pi-2 Clips

Pi-2 Clips

Pi-2 clips: PA6 material, designed for screw mounting on decking, weather-resistant, facilitates 4.5mm gap for installation. Its double-winged structure raises decking for air circulation.
Image for Pi-Teni


Pi-Teni: POM-made modified start and end clip, UV and weather resistant, ensures easy installation. Its dual arms secure boards and allow for wood expansion, creating a 6mm gap between decks.
Image for Pi-Grad


Pi-Grad: Innovative deck clips with advanced anti-sliding system, ensure board stability. Easy placement with positioning templates.
Image for Pi-Takoz


Pi-Takoz: Specially designed for deck applications, prevents carcass-ground contact, improves airflow.
Image for Pi-Pedestal


Nova-Pedestals: Adjustable legs for indoor and outdoor use (14-725 mm), ideal for decking. Offers high load resistance (Min. 1000 Kg/piece), fast drainage, easy wiring, and weather resistance.
Image for Pi-Zeta


Pi-Zeta: Invisible cladding clip, creates 5mm gap and raises boards for air circulation. Enhances durability and weather resistance.
Image for Pi-Fix


Used for indoor/outdoor architectural projects needing hidden fixation, like wood/composite decks, facades. Plastic mounting element with aluminum carcass allows flexible assembly, adjustable distance.
Image for End-Matching


End-matching secures and enhances various materials with easy application. It ensures a polished finish with fewer cut-offs, a smart solution from Novawood.
Image for Decking Systems

Decking Systems

Novawood offers smart deck solutions with hidden fasteners for easy installation and a beautiful finish. They ensure weather resistance, board stability, and improved airflow and drainage.
Image for Cladding Systems

Cladding Systems

Novawood's Cladding protects both exterior and interior frames, impacting environmental performance, cost, aesthetics, and property value.
Image for Ceiling Systems

Ceiling Systems

Novawood creates easy-to-install sunshade and ceiling systems tailored to your specifications, meeting all your needs.
Image for Decking


Novathermowood Deck wood products are perfect for pool sides, terraces, balconies, cafe-restaurant floors, parks, gardens, walkways, sea piers, benches, fences, and landscaping.
Image for Cladding


Nova-Claddings are durable and versatile, suitable for horizontal and vertical applications with various size and profile options. They enhance your building's design and withstand harsh weathers.
Image for Sunshade


Nova-Sunshade offers modern cladding for sun-exposed buildings, optimizing daylight for strikingly beautiful living spaces with the comfort of wood.
Image for Pergola


Nova-Pergola adds elegance and value, perfect for shading and aesthetics. Its natural beauty captivates with both function and style.
Image for Nova-Tile Decking

Nova-Tile Decking

Nova-Tile: stylish, eco-friendly, and easy to install. Perfect for poolside, gardens, terraces, and more, providing reliable and classy living spaces.
Image for Window scantlings and Door coverings

Window scantlings and Door coverings

Novawood provides durable outdoor door materials with thermowood treatment and stable scantling profiles for windows, meeting international standards for durability and natural aesthetics.
Image for Under-construction


Novawood offers tailored carcass solutions for decking and cladding, ensuring optimal performance and careful material selection for the base structures.
Image for Oiling


Novawood offers oil finishes for decking and cladding, delaying color fading and easing installation with UV protection on all faces, ensuring high-quality finishing.
Image for Nova-Brushed


Nova-Brushed surface enhances wood texture in decking and cladding, amplifying naturalness in living spaces by removing soft annual ring parts. This method emphasizes wood's natural texture.
Image for Nova-Sahara


Discover the extraordinary with Sahara surface, evoking desert sands, the latest trend in Nova decking. A standout from our new collection, it offers a unique feel akin to a comforting massage.
Image for Nova-Vintage


Experience nature's rustic charm with Nova-Vintage surface treatment, harmonizing your space with natural designs. Achieved through special technology.
Image for Nova-Croco


Experience Nova-Croco's standardized process, black texture, and semi-glossy finish, mimicking Shou Sugi Ban for a unique touch.
Image for Finger-joint


Fingerjointing creates uniform-sized long pieces, enhancing stability. Thermowood and multi-layer lamination further reduce twisting and bending tendencies.
Image for Lamination


Nova-laminated products offer custom sizes for construction needs, bonded with durable MUF glue for outdoor durability, expanding beyond traditional wood uses.
Image for Lumber


Hardwood and softwood lumber from Novawood offer style and performance, sourced from trees like Ash, Iroko, Oak, Beech, Tulipwood, and Maple for custom projects.
Image for Solid Parquet

Solid Parquet

Nova Solid Flooring offers indoor flooring with outdoor wood qualities, 100% natural and chemical-free, protected by water-based polish, oil, or varnish for enduring beauty.
Image for Interior Wall Panels

Interior Wall Panels

Novawood offers unique products to transform your space, adding character, texture, and style to your walls for a fresh look.
Image for Sauna


Opt for a healthier lifestyle with Novawood's thermally treated Ayous wood sauna, offering eco-friendly aesthetics and customizable designs.

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