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Feb 25 - 27, 2025

Polyvlies USA Inc.

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Polyvlies USA, is a leading technical nonwovens manufacturer,  specializing in providing top-notch temporary surface protection products and high-quality acoustic panels to the market. 
Sheltex, our temporary surface protection products are designed to safeguard various surfaces during construction, renovation, and transportation processes.

In addition to surface protection, we also take pride in our Fonatex acoustic panels. These panels are engineered to improve sound quality and reduce noise levels in different environments. Whether it's an office space, conference room, or an auditorium, our panels can significantly enhance the acoustic experience by minimizing reverberation, echo, and unwanted noise.
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  • Surface Protection Products
  • Tapes - Duct, Foil, Masking, Sheathing, Carton Sealing
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