Feb 27 - 29, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV
Feb 27 - 29, 2024

Teknobuilt is transforming the way projects are built & operated with an unmatched digital assurance in meeting delivery timelines. With the vantage of Teknobuilt’s unified digital platform - PACE OS products and services, the accelerated execution efficiency, standardization and predictability can help retrieve up to 8 to 20% as actual cost reduction from the estimate.

Owners and builders, especially during execution often end-up where information is delayed, or remain in the dark - not knowing the true project status. Not until additional funds are needed or delays become unmanageable. Eliminating the siloed execution, overcoming organizational, systems and data fragmentation; PACE works continually to de-risk the scope and the digital execution framework has an impact where “the sum is greater than the parts” across owners, engineering, suppliers and contractors.

New projects, or the ones already in design or even those where construction has started, PACE platform features a unique block-based map to help navigate the entire ecosystem of a project from design to delivery. With the unprecedented power to look at the entire value chain using PACE Digital Control Tower™, decision makers have instantaneous visibility, predictability, and proactive execution control with data-driven intelligence as never experienced before.

Teknobuilt has introduced a powerful “digital block” driven planning to execution continuum that also leverages advanced methods of AWP & Lean in the core logic. The block-based execution is a major break-through from a century old activity-based project management paradigm. PACE AI and ML over-hauls and optimizes execution to reduce re-work, interruptions and wastage that otherwise seeps through and create crisis in projects.

Teknobuilt’s vision to help the world build better - safely, smartly, and sustainably. Block by block, the transformative approach to deliver speed, surety, and savings is reshaping the landscape of how projects are built and operated.

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PACE HSE+, an innovative application, offers a modular plug-and-play approach, empowering field engineers and workers to digitize their daily activities seamlessly.
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