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Impresa Modular

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Impresa Modular 

Leaders in Off-Site Modular Construction

Imagine joining a Proven Home Building Brand that is the country’s most respected "scattered lot, off-site modular home building company" in the USA? A Brand that offers all the experience, training, field-tested and proven management systems, strategic marketing, and on-going support.  Welcome to "Impresa Modular!" 

Introducing the First OffSite Modular Developer Program!

What if you could quickly and more easily complete homes in your community through the use of building systems that are more cost-effective and at a value that you can't beat anywhere else? Now imagine that you could do it in about half the time of site building that same project. Using offsite construction is a new process that just isn't taught anywhere else. And with instant access to factories across the country, you can achieve success that would take years to accomplish on your own. In addition, you get the support of an industry leader that offers experience, training, field-tested and proven management systems, and on-going support.   That's the World of "Impresa Modular!"

Join Us!

At Impresa Modular, our Advanced Modular Off-Site Solution® (AMOSS) approach involves utilizing multiple build systems to complete a home, a project, a building, or a community, with the dominant system being modular construction. We would love to partner with you, putting our experience and knowledge to work on your next project!

Impresa Modular offers you an extensive range of services, technology/software, processes, training, and support that enable us to rapidly become proficient in helping you move your building business into the world of "offsite modular construction." By providing solutions for all phases of the home building business, we empower our Impresa Modular Franchise Builders and Impresa Modular PRO Builders to quickly become competitive and profitable. 

Impresa Modular provides the experience and systems for those in the building industry or those with a desire to join it, with the ability to succeed with offsite modular construction.

Become an Impresa Modular Home Builder or Developer in Your Local Market! 

Let's Discuss Building Your Next Project With Impresa Modular!


Jim Griffin |Director of Franchise/Business Development


[email protected]

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