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Brandguard Vents

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Brandguard Vents® offers a unique patented solution that keeps embers out and stops fire from entering your home during a wildfire.  Brandguard is the ultimate ember defense component designed to stop embers from entering your home before the fire arrives. Wildfires and bush fires generate ember storms, which spread the fire ahead of the actual front of the fire.

Your house can be in danger even if you’re not directly in the path of the fire. All dwellings located in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas should be equipped with ventilation systems capable of resisting flames and embers, significantly reducing the risks associated with wildfires. 

Single-family and multifamily structures use open ventilation to cool attic and crawl spaces, so it’s crucial that those vents are fire-rated. Standard vents cannot keep embers out. Only products specifically designed and tested for wildfire proofing can be used in WUI areas.





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