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Line Work Bucket Products

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Line Work Bucket Products stems from the expertise of a seasoned lineman, our founder, who turned real-world challenges into innovative solutions for the aerial construction industry. Unlike others, we take pride in not just designing but also manufacturing our products in-house. This ensures unparalleled quality and reliability, directly addressing the needs of linemen.


Founded by a Lineman
Rooted in experience, our founder an our company understands the nuances of aerial construction work better than anyone.
Designed & Manufactured In-House
Every product is crafted on-site, ensuring that our high standards for safety, efficiency, and productivity are met.
Safety as Priority
Our gear is engineered to mitigate risks and enhance the safety of overhead work.
Efficiency & Productivity
From design to production, our tools are made to increase job efficiency and worker productivity, offering tangible benefits to our customers.
Choose Line Work Bucket Products for solutions that are designed, made, and tested by industry experts. Experience the difference of tools made with a lineman’s precision for safety and efficiency.

Image for Efficiency Hooks and Tool Apron Bundle - (2x Efficiency Hooks, 1 Tool Apron)

Efficiency Hooks and Tool Apron Bundle - (2x Efficiency Hooks, 1 Tool Apron)

If you work on a EWP or a lift, this product will be a dream come true for you. It's designed to hold even the heaviest tools in the construction industry.

  • LWBP Tool Apron with Product Details

    Maximize Efficiency on the Go: Contractor Grade LWBP Tool Apron

    Take your tools anywhere with this travel-friendly tool apron, featuring a removable support rod for easy packing. It's designed with 13 hand tool pockets, specifically tailored to fit 2 Men Buckets, making it an organizer's dream. The industrial 6" magnet strip, triple-stitched craftsmanship, and durable brass rivets exemplify its robust construction. Additional features include 3 loops for various tools, 2 PVC-reinforced augur bit holders, and spacious compartments. Enhanced with 4 D-rings for tool tethers, it's a rugged solution for any job site.

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  • LWBP Efficiency Hooks with Product Details

    Upgrade to Unparalleled Adaptability with the Efficiency Hooks

    Offering a Universal Fit for all Curved and Round Lifts! These hooks are engineered to be fully adjustable and compatible with a variety of lifts, including scissor, sky, boom lifts, cherry pickers, and crane baskets. Their robust stainless-steel construction supports a 600lb working load, ensuring reliability and safety for your equipment handling needs. Perfect for professionals who demand versatility and strength in their lifting solutions.

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Line Work Bucket Products
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