Feb 25 - 27, 2025 | Las Vegas, NV
Feb 25 - 27, 2025

Apis Cor is a pioneering construction technology company at the forefront of integrating advanced robotics and concrete 3D printing technology into the homebuilding sector. With a clear mission to transform the construction landscape, Apis Cor aims to empower homebuilders by providing innovative tools that significantly enhance productivity and efficiency. The company's technology is designed to not only save costs but also to ensure a higher, more consistent quality of construction, all while minimizing the dependency on a shrinking pool of skilled labor.

Apis Cor's groundbreaking technology has already made its mark on the market, with several residential and commercial projects successfully completed. Among its notable achievements is the construction of the largest 3D printed building in the world, a feat that has earned it a place in the Guinness World Records. Additionally, Apis Cor has been recognized as a finalist in NASA's Centennial Challenge, further underscoring its role as a leader in innovative construction methods. Through its commitment to redefining the building process, Apis Cor is setting new standards in the construction industry, demonstrating the vast potential of robotics and 3D printing in shaping the future of homebuilding.

To see Apis Cor’s technology in action and understand the breadth of its capabilities, you can watch a demonstration video at https://vimeo.com/914014554 

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