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Muddskip Revolutionary Wall Coating

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Muddskip Drywall Additive is a REVOLUTIONARY product that transforms existing drywall products, both dry mix and premix formulas, into a product that enables no bonder needed on raw drywall, wet on wet coats, with no waiting for dry time and no sanding required, reducing the labor time by several days with no sanding mess!   Obtain a SMOOTH FINISH  with less labor, less time and NO Sanding, easier to work with, stronger bond to raw drywall.  Most importantly the product can be rehydrated to rework efficiently which supports ease of use and labor savings.  Less windshield time, complete a project in one day vs. 3 days.


1.  Wet on Wet coats promotes same day finishing

2.  No Sanding required, you can rehydrate with water mist to rework the product to desired finish up to level 5

3.  No bonder needed 

4.  Stronger tensile strength

5.  Less windshield time on job due to all of the above efficiencies.

Image for Muddskip 3 in 1 Drywall Joint Compound Additive

Muddskip 3 in 1 Drywall Joint Compound Additive

A revolutionary product that transforms existing joint compound into a product that allows for same day finishing with NO SANDING! Muddskip's allows for wet on wet coats, and rehydrates for smoothing
Image for Muddskip 3 in 1 Drywall Additive

Muddskip 3 in 1 Drywall Additive

Muddskip Drywall Additive transforms existing joint compound products for same day finishing with NO BONDER, NO SANDING, and WET on WET COATS, REHYDRATES with water mist. Saves time, labor, & mess!
Image for Muddskip 3 in 1 Drywall Joint Compound Additive

Muddskip 3 in 1 Drywall Joint Compound Additive

Muddskip Joint Compound Additive transforms any joint compound into a SAME DAY FINISHING product from seams to level 5 smooth! No Bonder, No Sanding, wet on wet coats, and it rehydrates for smoothing

  • Muddskip 3 in 1 Additive NextGen Wall Coating

    Muddskip NextGen Wall Finish is a joint compound additive that transforms existing drywall mud into a stronger, more pliable, easier to use mudd that can be applied with wet on wet coats (dry to touch) with no sanding.  Muddskip also allows you to rehydrate the wall for smoothing or removing any imperfections.  No sanding mess, less prep, less clean up, less windshield time to and from job, from tape and bed seams to finish in a day!

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Muddskip Revolutionary Wall Coating
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