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With simple and timeless designs, acous wall panels have quickly established themselves as a favorite of architects from all over the world in the field of wall and ceiling design. Both their acoustic effect and the brushed real wood veneer create a pleasant, homely atmosphere.

acous USA – Interplay of acoustics and design

With simple and timeless designs, acous wall panels have quickly
established themselves as a favorite of architects from all over the world in the field of wall and ceiling design. Both their acoustic effect and the brushed real wood veneer create a pleasant,
homely atmosphere.

The acous Stix fit perfectly into your living environment.
By mounting individual wooden slats directly on the wall, the
background remains visible and can even be combined with
LEDs. They are made of high quality brushed real wood,
FSC® certified (C017145) and recyclable*.

Create perfect room acoustics in a modern and natural look – with the acous Comfort wall panel. The wooden slats are made
of high-quality brushed real wood, FSC® certified (C017145) and recyclable*. They are mounted on a 0.15 in black acoustic felt
base, which provides a sound-absorbing effect.

Create wonderful effects in any of your rooms with acous Professional. Thanks to the high-quality brushed real wood
surface, FSC®-certified (C017145) and recyclable*, the wooden slats not only make a visual impact. They are also attached to an 0.31 in thick acousticf elt base, which has an effective soundabsorbing

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