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InOvate Dryer Products

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Learn how these exterior terminations DryerWallVent®, PremiumWallVent, and DryerJack® by InOvate can make proper dryer venting, bathroom, or kitchen venting a breeze. Visit booth C7848.

The DryerWallVent® While the DryerWallVent® blends in at a distance, you’ll discover unique details that make it stand out when looking closely. Deep-Drawn Galvalume steel and powder coating ensure this sharp vent closure will look good now and long into the future..Visit https://dryerwallvent.com for better exterior terminations.

The PremiumWallVent is designed to vent exhaust from a kitchen’s range hood and bathroom fan to the exterior, this 6-Inch PremiumWallVent fully supports systems with an airflow volume of 70+ CFM. The 6-Inch PremiumWallVent is built to last, with a low profile and clean lines, the 6-Inch PremiumWallVent blends in to enhance a home’s exterior. Visit https://premiumwallvent.com/ for better exterior terminations. 

The DryerJack® is engineered to vent the dryer’s exhaust safely and efficiently to the exterior of the home. Superior venting is achieved by the seamless hood with a larger opening, as well as its curved damper. Together, these maximize the airflow and help to reduce lint build up. The DryerJack’s larger opening provides easy access for cleaning tools to simplify maintenance. Visit https://dryerjack.com/ for better exterior terminations. 


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