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Ambiance Fireplaces & Grills

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Outstanding conception, breathtaking ambiance.

Ambiance® products will add elegance, peace of mind and comfort to the Soul of your home.

All Ambiance® products are carefully selected and designed with your home in mind, to enrich the areas of your home where memories and life take place. The best quality and innovation are shown in the enhanced detail and features that add a little “je ne sais quoi” in our Ambiance® designs.

  • Ambiance Luxus Fireplaces

    LUXUS® Series

    Manufactured in Germany, the LUXUS® Series of wood burning fireplaces is truly exceptional. Superior engineering, amazing attention to the smallest detail, unsurpassed innovation and incredible quality are all found in this sumptuous new collection. In German, LUXUS® means luxury, extravagance, sumptuousness. Satisfying your senses seems to be at the root of understanding and defining this word.

    The distinguished LUXUS® fireplace collection includes two-sided corner, bay, pier styles and an impressive see-thru option. Each model features an incredibly smooth operating guillotine door that cleverly hides away when moved up! The clean look with no louvers, unobstructed view of the flames and the ‘feel’ of these fireplaces are total luxury!

    You’ll enjoy living in LUXUS®!

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  • Ambiance JC Bordelet

    JC Bordelet Series

    Made in the south of France, you’re looking at the most unique fireplaces in the world! The JC Bordelet series of fireplaces rely on stunning French design and craftsmanship to create fireplaces that quickly become the heart of your home. You’ll appreciate the incredible attention to every detail. All three models feature a one-piece, hand-crafted, incredibly balanced dome with a remarkably clean and stylish appearance. Friends and neighbors will not have anything like this exquisite focal point in their living area.

    JC Bordelet Fireplaces by Ambiance® are for the discriminating buyer who recognizes quality and is focused on something truly unique. When a fireplace has become the driving force behind your interior design, you may have just found the soul of your home.

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  • Ambiance Elegance Wood Fireplaces

    Elegance® Series

    What makes a truly outstanding line of fireplaces? How about innovative technology and awesome aesthetics, backed up by the best warranty in the industry? That defines the Elegance® Series of wood burning fireplaces by Ambiance®.

    The first thing you’ll likely notice is the inside of the fireplace. It doesn’t have firebrick, but rather it’s lined with soapstone! The result is significantly better heat retention and increased efficiencies! Soapstone absorbs 15% more heat than firebrick and radiates it five times longer! The Elegance® features an exclusive and patented primary air control system. This means a slower burn rate and steady, consistent heat over a longer period of time. Bottom line: You’ll enjoy more heat from less wood!

    All four models in the Elegance® Collection, the 36”, 40”, 42” & the See-Thru models are great values and exceptional heating appliances. Personalize the Elegance® to your tastes and lifestyle by choosing from several options.

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  • Ambiance Intrigue Gas Fireplace



    • Built-in

    The Intrigue® combines radiant and convection heat providing you with one of the most efficient fireplaces on the market. It will warm your heart as well as your home. It comes standard with a matte black interior finish, the Ecotel programmable thermostatic remote, a 150-cfm convection fan, accent lights and glowing embers. You can customize the look of your Intrigue® to fit your home. You can upgrade the exterior look with a decorative front and the firebox look using one of the beautiful interior finishes.

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  • Ambiance Illusion Linear Gas Fireplace



    • Built-in 42,47,56 

    The Illusion® Linear Gas Fireplace comes standard with a matte black interior finish, the Ecotel programmable thermostatic remote and gorgeous Vancouver Island drift wood logs. You can enhance the look of your Illusion®  to fit your home. You have the option to upgrade the exterior look with a Decorative Front. Also, optional logs are offered in oak or white birch. At last, double the flames by adding the porcelain enameled reflective panels inside the firebox. Enjoy its cozy flame and look anytime!

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  • Ambiance Fireplace Non Combustible Mantels

    Non-Combustible Fireplace Mantels

    Ambiance Non-Combustible Mantels offer beautiful focal points with peace of mind and safety for your family. From mantel shelves to a full rustic fireplace surround and everything in between, Ambiance Mantels have the product that is just right for your project. These faux wood or stone mantels are so realistic it’s challenging to tell they are not natural wood or stone. Choose a style and color for a touch of beauty in your home while providing peace of mind of a safe non-combustible mantel.

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