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Feb 27 - 29, 2024

Since 1992 Burnaby Manufacturing Ltd. has been producing products for the “Natural Gas” and “Propane” industry. In this group of products is a line of Gas Outlets designed to enhance patio lifestyles. Our line of Gas Outlet Boxes has effectively eliminated the need for portable tanks for all your patio appliances.

  • Timer Gas Plug Spec Sheet

    The Timer Gas Plug is designed with a 1 hour battery operated timer that will automatically shut off the flow of fuel when the time runs out.    This along with the CSA approved Quick Disconnect makes for the ultimate gas safety device for any residential application.

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Product Categories
  • Outdoor Living, Leisure, & Modular Structures
  • Barbecue Equipment (Grills, Hoods-Outdoor and Indoor)
  • Natural Gas Utility
  • Plumbing Equipment and Materials

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