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Feb 25 - 27, 2025


DEN Smart Home is the company behind the revolutionary DEN SmartStrike™. which has the convenience and advanced features of a smart lock without having to change existing door hardware. The "smarts" are discreetly hidden in the door frame, upgrading to a smart access control solution that can be managed through a convenient, user-friendly app. In addition, homeowners can create digital keys for family members, friends, and temporary guests.. The DEN SmartStrike™ app provides peace of mind with real-time notifications and complete access history.

The DEN SmartStrike(™ includes Bluetooth® and Z-Wave® so it can "talk" to 1000's of other smart home devices from hundreds of manufacturers.

Viisit our website at www.densmarthome.com

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DEN SmartStrike™

The convenience and advanced features of a smart lock without the need to change existing door hardware as it fits discreetly into the door jamb. Includes a user-friendly app and has Z-Wave and Bluetooth.
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