JAN 31-FEB 2, 2023

Mikel Vandegenachte-Ochs

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Mikel Vandegenachte-Ochs

1978 LLC DBA Whisper Creek Homes Hamilton, Montana

I’m a Veteran Business Leader and Marketing Director. With a focus in Log/Timber/Natural Accent Building Systems/Panelized Building (Off-Site Framing), Brand & Creative Direction, Research and Development, and Lean Manufacturing. I’ve held many titles throughout my professional life- business owner, dept head of manufacturing, marketer, project coordinator & business consultant. This has helped me to cultivate the ability to manage multi-faceted projects and to navigate complex challenges. However experience has taught me that my true professional value can be summarized in the following: • I live an breathe building innovation. • I understand business and can direct projects with an emphasis on communication • I approach all problems and tasks with analytical creativity. • If I can’t find an existing path, I’ll blaze a new trail. I'm a 5th Generation Montanan and very proud of my roots, as well as the ability to support the local community in my roles at Whisper Creek & Montana Log & Timber where we custom craft log/timber/panelized building packages (sold throughout the US & Canada) that are truly unmatched within the off-site framing and mountain style home industry. I grew up building with my dad, and with a mother that told me that I could be anything I wanted, I had a great foundation to "build" from.

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