FEB 9-11, 2021

J. Bradley Simons

J. Bradley Simons

Magleby Construction Sandy, Utah

J. Bradley Simons is the Chief Financial Officer of Magleby Construction. Over the years Magleby grew in revenues, expanded to Idaho and to Mexico with two separate operations. Brad is a part owner of several affiliated companies to Magleby Construction and is currently leading a new affiliated company working to address the skilled labor challenge called Teamworx. Brad is a frequent speaker at IBS in general and central sessions. Brad is a Senior Life Delegate of NAHB and currently a member of the Board of Directors as the NAC Moderator. Brad received his BA in History from the University of Utah, his MBA from Westminster College and by the convention will be a Doctoral candidate (hopefully) at Liberty University. Brad is seeking his Doctorate of Business Administration with a Leadership Emphasis. Most of the selection committee and the staff know Brad and know perfection is a process not a destination, especially in Brad's world. Life experiences combined with formal education give Brad a unique perspective on leadership.

Where you can find J. Bradley Simons during IBS: Looking Beyond the Buzz: How to Become an Authentic, Adaptive Leader

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