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Boise Cascade is a leading North American manufacturer of engineered wood products (EWP), plywood and lumber, as well as a distributor of gypsum board, doors, insulation, panels, siding, decking, adhesives, and other building materials. With a long and proud heritage as an industry-focused supplier of building products, the company emphasizes performance, product quality and superior supply chain management. It provides customers the tools, technology, and software to be competitive in the 21st century.

Boise Cascade EWP provides strength, stiffness, and dimensional consistency through efficient use of raw materials. These products include BCI® and AJS® I-joists; Versa-Lam® LVL beams, headers, columns, and studs; and Boise Glulam® beams and columns. The company is also committed to helping customers increase profit with fully integrated software solutions. These tools include BC Connect®, a hub that lets project stakeholders exchange files and efficiently manage projects from start to finish; BC Calc®, which assists engineers and architects with single-member sizing for joists, beams and walls; and SawTek®, which helps lumber yards manage inventory, increase speed and minimize lumber waste.

As an industry thought leader with a nationwide supply chain that is able to service most markets, Boise Cascade provides customers with tools and guidance to simplify and manage complex jobs. With a commitment to service, software and supply, Boise Cascade helps customers achieve their full profit potential. Boise Cascade EWP is a publicly traded company (NYSE: BCC) based in Boise, Idaho. www.bc.com/ewp

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  • Plywood Products
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