JAN 31-FEB 2, 2023


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Continental is the global market leader for surface finishes. Within the skai® portfolio are laminates with outstanding characteristics and top designs for a wide range of applications.

We present with the exterior grade window profile wrapping laminate skai® Techprofil stunning surface finishes for the window, door and façade market with a true full replacement warranty.

The unique skai® ‘cool colors plus’ laminates reflect up to 80% of the IR radiation from the sun, and reduce the heat build up in window profiles and doors by up to 30°F, which will be demonstrated live on our booth

Visit us for the latest trends in decorative finishes, such as the new additions to our WOODEC line and our new MATTEX line of laminates, with an extreme low gloss level; also our bestseller JET-BLACK - the darkest exterior laminate with the lowest Heat Build Up in the market, is now available in the MATTEX program, thus enlarging the Jet Black's to five different finishes

We have a well versed team of specialists at our booth, from the laminates to wrapping equipment to touchup / field repair, to serve you with a 360 degree insight into all the opportunities with laminates as finish

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  • Coatings
  • Finishes
  • Windows and Window Frames (Wood, Metal, Fiberglass, PVC, and/or Vinyl)
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