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Aeroseal & AeroBarrier: Proven technologies to seal HVAC ducts and building envelopes

Small leaks in homes are a big problem – wasting energy and reducing a home's comfort and air quality. They are found throughout HVAC ductwork, and the building envelope. These leaks are inadequately addressed by manual sealing – an inconsistent, unreliable process.


Aeroseal’s technologies, AeroBarrier Connect and HomeSeal Connect, eliminate these issues using the laws of physics to precisely seal undetectable and unreachable leaks. The systems inject a dry fog of sealant particles into these pressurized spaces. These particles find the leaks from the inside, safely sealing leaks as big as 5/8” and as small as a human hair. Software measures and tracks the entire process, creating a certificate of completion showing before and after leakage.


Aeroseal can help any building reduce its carbon footprint with its award-winning technologies. Launched at IBS 2018, AeroBarrier is the only product to win four categories across three different Best of IBS awards, most recently with Most Innovative Software in 2021.


Visit https://aeroseal.com/ for more.


NEW PRODUCT NEWS: Aeroseal's new duct sealing technology, HomeSeal Connect 4.0 (HSC 4.0), debuts at IBS 2022.

On the heels of our award-winning air sealing technology, AeroBarrier Connect, HSC 4.0 has a new, simpler design making it more rugged and easier to use. Please consider for new product coverage of IBS 2022.

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